Reach High-Asset Golf Fans

March 8, 2017 Data-driven Marketing

Spring is the air, which means plenty of people are thinking about golf. What do today’s golf fans look like and how can advertisers best reach these high-asset households? Let’s take a look.

Did You Know? Get Ready for Golf

Source: WealthComplete®, Income360®, Discretionary Spending Dollars™, Digital Targeting Segments, Financial Cohorts® and data provided by Gfk MRI

Professional Golf Fans – Who are They?

Professional Golf attracts huge audiences, both in-person fans and viewers from afar. If you advertise with a Professional Golf event, these are the clusters you are most likely to reach.

Professional Golf Events: Financial Cohorts cluster that is most likely to…

  • Attend an event: J35: High-Powered Careers – Investors
  • Watch an event on TV: L41: Eminent and Wealthy – Very Elderly
  • Listen to an event on the radio: E18: Youthful Promise – Credit-Dependent

Source: Digital Targeting Segments, Financial Cohorts® and data provided by Gfk MRI

Note: Our digital segments do not include any personally identifiable information. Segments are estimates of likely household characteristics built using anonymous, aggregated, neighborhood-level data.


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