Gen X – High Assets and More

April 4, 2017 Data-driven Marketing


Many financial institutions are chasing Millennials as their customers of tomorrow. Or, they might be pursuing Baby Boomers who are at the peak of their careers and beginning to take mandatory retirement distributions.

But guess which generation has the highest estimated discretionary spending AND total income AND credit balance? It’s Generation X. So if you are looking for households that are likely to have over $200,000 in average estimated assets, may be ready to spend now, or might need loans, then consider Gen X as a good bet for your products and services.

Did You Know: The Gen-X Surprise

Source: Discretionary Spending DollarsTM, Income360®, CreditStyles® Pro

Older, but Still Relying on Credit

Gen X households have had more time to accrue assets and thus have a much better credit-to-assets ratio than do Millennials. Given that they may have student loan debt, growing families and a mortgage, they may be interested in financial advice and tools to help them improve their credit-to-assets ratio even more.

Credit-to-Assets Ratio – Estimated Averages per Household

  • Millennials: 84%
  • Generation X: 54%
  • Baby Boomers: 35%
  • Silent Generation: 23%
  • GI Generation: 18%

Source: CreditStyles® Pro, WealthComplete®


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