Best practices for brokerage firms seeking to build customer loyalty

Identifying cross-sell candidates for deposit products amongst brokerage customer base

Brokerage firms seek to build customer loyalty and expand relationships


Identify brokerage clients ripe for deposit cross-sell to maximize brokerage relationships

Many customers spread their wealth across multiple firms, often choosing one for investments and another for deposit products. 

To increase loyalty and decrease turnover, brokerage branch managers and FAs can cross-sell deposit products to customers that do not yet have a deposit relationship with the firm.
The goal is to: 

  • Enhance stickiness through deposit relationships

  • Bring in new assets

  • Identify customers that likely have significant deposits dollars that could be invested


Leverage WealthComplete® to identify best brokerage clients with significant deposit growth potential 

By using WealthComplete household total assets and deposits estimates, brokerage firms can: 

  • IDENTIFY best clients based on share of investment wallet

  • GAUGE deposit opportunity based on the firm’s criteria

  • TAILOR cross-sell offers for specific deposit products

EXPECTED RESULTS: Deposit cross-sell programs can increase AUM by over $1 billion

to a brokerage department’s best clients, a sample firm can expect to:

INCREASE AUM by approximately $4.5 million for every 1,000 households 

INCREASE total AUM by approximately $1.13 billion for a cross-sell program to 250,000 households 

IMPROVE campaign efficiency by narrowing the target audience and identifying the appropriate deposit product for cross-sell

Expand the range of products held by each client

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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