How to cross-sell deposits to brokerage customer base

Target clients with significant deposits and investments held away

Brokerage firm seeks to gather deposits and assets from current brokerage clients


Identify brokerage clients to target for deposit and investment cross-sell

A brokerage firm knew that many of its clients offered  growth potential for both deposits and investments.  

To increase AUM, the firm planned to offer a cash incentive for a deposit of at least $10,000. The firm wanted to target clients with: 

  • Significant deposits held away

  • Significant investments held away

  • A minimum total income level


Leverage Investyles® and Income360® to identify best brokerage clients to target

By using Investyles anonymous, direct-measured™ deposits and  investments measures, and Income360 total income estimates, the firm could segment and target clients likely to have:  

  • Over $25K in deposits

  • Over $200K in investments

  • Total income over $150K

RESULTS: Gathered over $25 million in deposits and $70 million in investments

By using Investyles and Income360 TO DETERMINE WHICH CLIENTS TO TARGET FOR ITS CAMPAIGN, the firm was able to:


ATTRACT over $25 million in bank deposits

GATHER over $70 million in incremental brokerage assets

ACHIEVE an over 2% response rate from targeted clients within its customer-base

DEEPEN the relationship amongst thousands of clients

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.


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