Fine-tune criteria for Prescreen campaigns to include subprime borrowers

This use case explains how subprime borrowers are included in Prescreen campaigns.

Situation: Company turns to Equifax for a solution to refine the criteria for its Prescreen campaigns allowing it to prospect subprime consumers while still mitigating risk.


A consumer finance company wants to fine-tune its Prescreen audience for short-term personal loan campaigns.

It wants to use differentiated data to help it reach prime and subprime consumers that are active in the short-term lending space while still mitigating risk.


Equifax helps the company build a credit profile of high-performing customers using a combination of traditional and alternative data: 

  • Credit data for 300+ million consumers

  • Supplemental credit data for subprime borrowers that use specialty finance such as pay-day loans, installment loans, and lease-to-own

  • Payment history for telecom, pay TV, and utilities accounts

The company can now use that profile to better find new Prescreen audiences.


By using traditional and alternative credit data, the company can identify and reach Prescreen audiences that:

  • Have the desired credit profile and payment history to be appropriate candidates for short-term lending products

  • Have active or past accounts within the subprime lending space

  • Do not have existing open short-term loans

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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