Enhance portfolio management process with Smart Alerts

April 9, 2021

This case study explores how a leading credit issuer enhanced its portfolio management process

A leader credit issuer came to Equifax Data-driven Marketing because their account reviews relied on infrequent feeds and dated processes. 

They were using monthly feed of credit attributes to screen accounts in its portfolio. However, the lender believed it was missing out on data that was impacting its customers' credit profiles in-between feeds, thus diminishing the risk assessments on these accounts. 

Solution: Using Smart Alerts, a cloud-native solution, the credit issuer now incorporates fresher credit data into the portfolio review process

Smart Alerts allows the lender to:

  • ACHIEVE VELOCITY processing more data in a more timely fashion in an uncertain environment
  • LEVERAGE CUSTOMIZED TRIGGERS to flag consumers that may present near-term risk of default or late payment
  • OBTAIN DAILY REVIEWS based on changes in credit behavior, instead of monthly
  • ENSURE SCALABILITY  to quickly, frequently, and accurately feed millions of reviews into its portfolio management system

Results: Enhanced portfolio risk assessment by increasing account reviews by over 225% 

Key Benefits for the lender includes:

  • Increased the number of account reviews by over 225%, based on daily, trigger-based updates

portfolio reviews increase with Equifax smart alerts

  • Quickly recognize changes in customers' credit activity, such as new accounts opened, changes in utilization and late payments
  • Make faster account management decisions to minimize risk, including recognizing possible delinquencies, assessing credit lines and offering relief
  • Gain seamless, flexible integration with company's evolving account review infrastructure to manage millions of review on a daily basis. 

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

Credit issuer increased accoCredit issuer increased account reviews by over 225%, enhancing portfolio risk assessmentunt reviews by over 225%, enhancing portfolio risk assessment


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