Fine-tune targeting criteria to reach homeowners seeking cash

Situation:   Alternative finance company turns to Equifax for help analyzing criteria to qualify homeowners seeking cash for ITA outreach campaign


An alternative finance company offering cash to homeowners through a residential co-investment program needs to determine the optimal criteria to target consumers for its offers. 

The company solicits new customers via Invitation to Apply (ITA) campaigns.


Equifax provides its household-level Economic Insights data to help the company analyze the attributes of responders from a prior ITA campaign.   

Attributes include:

  • Aggregated credit measures (CreditStyles® Pro)
  • Estimated total income (Income360®)
  • Discretionary spending capacity (DSI®)
  • Ability to pay indicator (ATP Index™)


By using economic insights founded in measured wealth and credit data to analyze its prior ITA campaign, the company  discovered:

  • Select attributes could offer an over 15% lift in response rates for future ITA campaigns
  • Attributes could enable more robust and granular geographic targeting

Results may vary based on actual data and situation. Note: DSI has been renamed to Affluence Index.  


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