Time to Brush Up - Digital Marketing is Changing Fast!

Fresh consumer data sources and analytics are emerging that can skyrocket your results and ROI. Think you know digital advertising? Think again. The recent availability of fresh data sources around consumer financial activities and lifestyles - paired with robust data analytics - is providing more precise, relevant and actionable consumer insights. This phenomenon is revolutionizing the way marketers plan, execute, manage and measure their digital marketing strategies. Catch up on what's new in this must-attend webinar led by Equifax digital analytics expert, Paul Bell, where you’ll explore new strategies to help you: •Associate online activity with offline behavior so you can identify and target households that have the characteristics and are more likely to have the desired behaviors you are seeking •Utilize consumer financial insights in real-time to optimize your site content and campaigns •Serve premium offers to visitors and audiences that are more likely to have your desired financial profile •Comprehensively evaluate your performance so you can quickly and intelligently adjust your strategy to achieve maximum ROI FEATURED SPEAKER: Paul Bell Head of Digital Sales and Channel Management, IXI Services, Equifax Paul Bell is an online media veteran and head of IXI Services' Digital Sales and Channel Management. His team is responsible for building and managing client relationships through helping clients build profitable brands by improving their digital marketing tactics. Over the last 10 years, he’s grown online ad revenue for top tier publishers and developed digital revenue models for venture capital firms. At IXI, Paul has helped Telco firms improve their targeting and measurement efforts. Spanning across branding and direct response initiatives, Paul has experience in CPM, CPC, CPL and strategic revenue share structures. Prior to Equifax, Paul held positions at other firms which include Bankrate.com, Whale Shark Media/Austin Ventures, Bear Sterns, and Credit Suisse First Boston.

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