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Millions of consumers hold credit cards and many households hold more than one.  However, some consumers are Transactors –they are likely to carry a credit card balance and likely to pay off that balance, while other consumers are Revolvers – they are likely to carry a balance, but are less likely to pay it off, thus accruing interest charges.  Let’s take a look at the profile of Transactors versus Revolvers.  Then, enhance your digital marketing strategies by targeting credit card and many other consumer segments online.

Source: CreditStyles® Pro, Digital Targeting Segments, DS$TM, Income360®, WealthComplete®, June 2017.

U.S. Credit Card Stats
For the average U.S. household, credit card balances represent about 6.6% of all outstanding credit.  Here are some more details about credit card usage for U.S. households:

Account Type:  Mean Outstanding Card Balance per Household (HH) (Average Number of Cards per HH)

  • All Credit Cards: $7,164 Balance (5.4 Cards)
  • Bank Cards: $6,423 Balance (3.6 Cards)
  • Retail Cards: $741 Balance (1.9 Cards)

Source: CreditStyles® Pro, June 2017.

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