Social Networking Behaviors for High Income Households


Many High Income (estimated income $100,000-$200,000) and Elite Income ($200,000+) households enjoy sharing their opinions on social networks. These well-off online influencers can be beneficial in promoting your brand, plus help get the word out about new products and services. And, their social networking behaviors can lend some insight on how you can better engage with them.

How do High Income and Elite Income households share their opinions? Which interactive social activities are favored by these households? Let’s take a look.

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Cell-Phone… 24-7
If mobile and SMS are a part of your omni-channel marketing strategy, then some of the best candidates might be the Economic Cohorts clusters that are most likely to completely agree with the below cell-phone related behaviors.

Most likely to carry my cell-phone everywhere I go:

  • I46 Confident Futures: Young City Singles and Couples (High Income, Young) – 82.5%

My cellphone is an extension of my personality:

  • A2 Tough Start: Young Singles (Low Income, Young) – 23.5%

Text messaging is an important part of my daily life:

  • N67 Executive Spenders: Suburban Couples (Elite Income, Working Years) – 53.8%

Source: Economic Cohorts® and data provided by Gfk MRI

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