State-Level Median Household Assets

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The median estimated assets for all U.S. households in 2017 was $53,625. This was a 38% ($14,642) increase over the median household assets in 2014. How do investment levels in your state compare? Check the map below.

Households in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states were more likely to exceed the U.S. median. Meanwhile, many of the states in the Deep South, North Central and Northern Rockies were likely to have households with lower median assets.

Did You Know: State-Level Median Household Assets

Source: WealthComplete® June 2017. Median household assets represents the middle figure when the assets of all households in a geography are ranked.

State-Level Assets High and Lows
The disparity between states with the highest median assets and those with the lowest is noticeable. Which states comprise these groups?

States with Highest Median Household Assets

  1. New Jersey $171,723
  2. Connecticut $160,961
  3. Massachusetts $157,765

States with Lowest Median Household Assets

  1. Mississippi $2,206
  2. Arkansas $6,463
  3. Alabama $7,007

Source: WealthComplete® June 2017. And check out our WealthComplete Digital Targeting Segments.

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