Addressable TV Advertising

Targeting ads on television has historically been an expensive endeavor with mixed results. Today, Addressable TV allows advertisers to more securely and accurately target their optimal audiences through cable and satellite. Equifax works with leading providers to help you reach millions of households. See the Addressable TV Advertising overview to learn:

  • How Addressable TV can fit into your omni-channel marketing strategy
  • How to onboard your offline customers and prospects to execute successful Addressable TV campaigns
  • How to measure campaign effectiveness with closed-loop attribution

​Addressable TV is just one option when it comes to engaging your customers via digital channels.  To expand your messaging to new audiences, also consider powering your digital ad campaigns with vertical and economic-based digital targeting segments.

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The Foundation of IXI Data
The Foundation of IXI Data

Equifax and the foundation of IXI data.

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Closed-Loop Attribution
Closed-Loop Attribution

Determine key metrics and close the loop for attribution.