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Digital Targeting Segments for Business to Business

Segment your customers and prospects to optimize your marketing campaigns

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Digital Targeting Segments Business to Business Finding the Right Audience Matters Business-to-Business (B2B) companies can often struggle to find their ideal audience online. Yet, just like consumer marketers, B2B marketers are under pressure to make best use of online marketing budgets by reaching specific target audiences with their online ads and offers. Challenges: ■ Pressure to maximize digital marketing ROI ■ Reaching key buying audiences with current segmentation strategies ■ Increasing lead conversion rates As the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing continues, the ability to optimize digital marketing spend and maximize your ROI is imperative. This is especially critical in the B2B space where one sale can be worth millions of dollars. Equifax has carefully categorized its 41M+ of US Business Records into more than 200 segments allowing marketers to better reach their target audience. Reach More Qualified Prospects Business to Business Targeting Segments help marketers improve their online marketing efficiency by helping them to reach more qualified prospects based on specific likely attributes. The Business to Business Targeting Segments leverage attributes from the Equifax Commercial Marketing Database, the best-in-class, multi-sourced commercial database that enables customers to improve targeting, increase response rates and reduce marketing costs. The data is updated on a real-time basis, and comprises over 42 million business site locations. Independent studies confirm that 10 percent of these commercial records are unique to Equifax and are concentrated in micro- to small-sized business. KEY BENEFITS Target small businesses online more effectively by their attributes such as size, age and industry Reduce wasted ad spend by ensuring more ads are served to businesses with the attributes you seek Segments leverage best-in-class marketing attributes using a proprietary marketing database comprised of over 41 million businesses aggregated to the ZIP+4 level Engage your online audiences to maximize customer experience and uncover growth opportunities Improve digital marketing ROI by reaching more key targets and improving lead conversion rates *The Commercial Marketing database is built from third-party sources and does not include any information from the Equifax Commercial database or the Small Business Financial Exchange.

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