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Telstra Optimized Digital Marketing Spend with Custom Media Attribution

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Copyright © 2018, Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Equifax and EFX are registered trademarks of Equifax Inc. OptimaHub is a trademark of Equifax Inc. 18-101250 Full Path Analysis over 24 months of historical data processed 25% Growth in Digital Marketing investment Multi-Channel 6 sources of data initially with 3 more added later 65% Growth in sales orders Fast Cycle Campaign Level Insights automated reports delivered every Monday 87% Growth in gross revenue Digital Performance Measurement and Reporting Tool growth in Digital Marketing investment growth in gross revenue growth in sales orders 25% 87% 65% CONTACT US equifax.com/DDM 800.210.4323 Results Since the commencement of the media attribution project, the agency has processed approximately 3 billion user touch-points each financial year to date. These were used to build over 2 million paths to purchase in the first year and an estimated 2.5 million in the second. The tracking and processing spans 29 different Telstra products and now attributes sales to 7 different digital media channels. The custom weighted attribution model accurately captured purchase path data and provided an accurate view of Digital Marketing's media performance. The solution reprocessed over 24 months of conversion data to provide full path analysis. 2.2m conversions are de-deplicated every month to ensure accuracy and automated reports are delivered to 20 key stakeholders every Monday. This solution led to a 25% growth in Digital Marketing investment. Gross revenue grew 87% as a result of media optimization insights. This led to a 65% growth in sales orders. Datalicious Case Study. Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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