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Small Business Assets Digital Exclusively for IXI Network Members Enhance Your Online Targeting to Small Businesses with Measured Small Business Wealth Financial services firms that are seeking to grow business from small companies can now leverage new insights to identify and target those small businesses that are most likely to have the financial resources and needs for their products and services. Both traditional marketing and digital marketing efforts can be enhanced by these new tools, which leverage direct measurement of approximately $2 trillion in small business assets: ■ For direct mail and other offline campaigns, Small Business Assets TM enables financial services firms to better target small businesses based on the estimated amount of assets invested by the businesses. ■ For online campaigns, Small Business Assets Digital offers invested asset categories that online marketers can use to differentiate and target those small businesses that are likely to have significant invested assets from those that do not. ■ Both the offline and online versions of Small Business Assets are available exclusively to IXI TM Member-Firms. Small Business Wealth: Optimized for Digital Marketing With estimates of the wealth of small business online visitors, financial services firms can tailor site and ad content for maximum relevance and impact. Using Small Business Assets Digital, firms can: ■ Offer versioned ads and product offers to small business prospects and customers based on their likely invested asset levels ■ Create landing page optimization programs based on likely small business user wealth ■ Focus branding campaigns and loyalty efforts on small businesses with higher growth potential KEY BENEFITS Enhance digital marketing efforts to small businesses by measured invested assets Serve more ads to those small businesses that are most likely to be the best candidates for Improve online prospecting toward small businesses that are more likely to have the right financial characteristics for your products Integrate channel marketing efforts by leveraging asset-based targeting both online and offline Built using anonymous, measured data

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