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Fully understanding the customer journey is no easy task. As online and offline touchpoints continue to boom, most marketers and businesses face a bumpy ride when it comes to mapping, tracking and optimizing the customer journey and experience. Why? Because customer journey analytics and marketing measurement can be complicated and most marketers need help understanding what new solutions exist to help organizations fully track and optimize the journey. To thrive in today's world where consumers are calling the shots, marketers need tools that provide the measurement capabilities needed to know and understand each unique individual across all phases of the customer journey. The Customer Journey – Not a Single Trip from Point A to Point B Although it may seem 'linear', the customer journey to purchase is not a single trip from point A to point B. The new reality is that the customer journey traverses many sessions, devices and sites – both online and offline. Products at all price points are found, researched and bought through multiple touchpoints across many channels that influence the final buying decision. This may appear obvious, but the marketing measurement or customer journey analytics tools being used today don't cover all possible touchpoints – they only measure some touchpoints and therefore are not providing a holistic view of what marketing is working and what is not across all channels. To compete effectively and survive in today's environment, a complete understanding of the customer's end-to-end experience across the journey is critical. Understanding the customer's wants and needs during each phase of the journey, along with knowing what is working and what is not, are critical to managing the customer journey and therefore improving the entire customer experience. OptimaHub Optimizing the Value of Each Step in the Customer Journey KEY BENEFITS Measure and value the contribution of every touchpoint on the customer journey to point of purchase Know both the positive and negative impact of each individual touchpoint and see if it is moving the buyer forward or backward Get the full picture of all marketing efforts by tracking paid, earned and owned touchpoints across all digital and physical outlets Identify less effective channels and touchpoints and redeploy media spend where it will have more favorable impact Improve strategic planning through more detailed forecasting of spend and channels

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