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Retail Banking Propensity Digital Targeting Segments Exclusively for IXI Network Members Target Online Consumers by Relevant Financial Characteristics Successful, efficient campaigns require effectively selected audiences. As a financial services marketer, you likely want to find target audiences with specific banking tendencies and a propensity for certain kinds of products and services. Imagine if you could target more households likely to be High Net Worth, or favor Money Market accounts, or be active online bill payers, for example? Equifax digital targeting solutions enable marketers to better deliver the right message to the desired target audience online based on visitors' likely financial interests and profiles. We enable you to use the same kinds of customer insights that inform your offline efforts to power your online display campaigns. A leader in delivering marketing solutions based on anonymous, aggregated wealth and asset data, Equifax enables segmentation of consumers according to relevant financial characteristics to help banks meet the online marketing challenges they face every day. Our Retail Banking Propensity Digital Targeting Segments Available exclusively to IXI Network Members, our Retail Banking Propensity Digital Targeting Segments give banks the option of targeting households based on their propensities to consume certain types of retail banking products and services. Unlike other available online targeting solutions, only Retail Banking Propensity Segments are derived from our proprietary foundation of about $15 trillion in direct-measured™, anonymous invested assets. No other digital targeting option offers marketers the ability to target so specifically — or simply — on the select financial behaviors relevant to your campaign goals. KEY BENEFIT Target consumers online more effectively by using estimated retail banking propensities Eliminate wasted ad spend by ensuring more ads are served to consumers with the banking propensities you seek Built using anonymous, aggregated data collected by Equifax from leading financial services firms

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