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National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange Highlights of NCTUE Membership: Comprehensive Nationwide Risk Assessment Alternative credit scores that can assist in accurately assessing risk and deposit classifications for thick file, thin file, and no-hit customers with industry-specific modeling and analytics based on relevant data not found in other traditional credit data sources. Flexible Participation Daily refresh of information, available online or via batch process. Proven to Deliver Results Demonstrated success in helping to reduce write-offs and manual reviews, grow share of wallet, recover debt from customers, locate customers whose information has changed and mitigate fraud or credit risks. Dedicated Support Technical and user support for customers, including a dedicated toll-free customer service number for consumer dispute and disclosure actions. Anonymously Shared Data and Governed Usage All data is shared anonymously between members, keeping portfolios protected from other members' marketing efforts. Data usage is governed by elected NCTUE Board members. 420M+ Accounts 215M+ Unique Consumers NCTUE Database 2017 Every year, telecommunications, pay TV, home security, and utility companies write off billions of dollars in bad debt. To help combat this problem, industry leaders formed the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE), a comprehensive, industry-specific, full account history database that accurately identifies risk. Members anonymously share industry-specific payment information to help members to better identify and manage financial risks, as well as aid the monitoring of customer relationships throughout the lifecycle. With a database of more than 420 million account records and 215 million consumers, NCTUE is the premier industry-specific data source for accurately assessing new applicant risk. It is also an FCRA-compliant credit data exchange service for the telecommunications, pay TV, home security and utility industries only.

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