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Mobile Consumer Identity Service Product Sheet

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InstaTouch ID Separate Fact from Friction. The Challenges of Mobile Commerce At a time when consumers rely heavily on their mobile devices for just about everything, many still have frustrations with the mobile transactions experience. When it comes to entering personal information, consumers are deterred by having to manually enter so much data. This leads to transaction abandonment (around 97% of mobile transactions are deserted 1 ), which in turn leads to losing revenue and the opportunity to gather valuable consumer insights. A More Frictionless Mobile Experience InstaTouch ® ID, a consumer identity and authentication service powered by MobileConnect from Equifax, is helping change the mobile commerce game from the point of acquisition. Enabled by our best-of-breed data and technology, this configurable service works "behind the scenes" to help businesses confidently and quickly authenticate consumer identities. This helps improve the mobile commerce experience for both businesses and consumers. Consumers get a more secure, streamlined and frictionless process, helping reduce abandonment and inaccurate data entry. In turn, businesses get increased engagement and a faster path to revenue. And, InstaTouch ID provides businesses with authenticated consumer data and insights, helping identify fraudulent activity. This new service is beneficial to a wide range of businesses and their consumers. It helps streamline the consumer experience and authenticate data for financial institutions, telecommunications companies, insurance companies and more. As mobile traffic continues to increase, provide a more optimal mobile commerce experience with Equifax. 1- http://ventureburn.com/2016/01/7-reasons-why-customers-are-abandoning-your-mobile-shopping-cart/ KEY BENEFITS Improved Experience and Reduced Abandonment: Auto- filled personal information simplifies the generally tedious process of having to enter multitudes of data on a mobile device. Improved Identity Data and Insights: Authenticated consumer information gives businesses the deep insights they need to help enhance the consumer experience, streamline acquisition workflows and optimize supplemental offers. Identify Potential Fraud: Consumers are automatically identified and authenticated at the point of acquisition, helping to mitigate risk and pull out potentially fraudulent requests.

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