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Do You Have the Right Data?

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US: A trusted information leader, Equifax is experienced at combining complex data, analytics and insights to deliver high impact results to your business. Equifax sales and marketing solutions are built from multiple sources, including our proprietary database of approximately $14 trillion in anonymous, direct-measured ™ consumer investable assets provided to us from our network of leading banks, credit unions, securities firms, and insurance firms. Our competitors rely primarily on survey gathered information, which has significant shortfalls in terms of coverage and accuracy. The Equifax direct-measurement methodology not only offers a clear benefit over other data sources, but can also be a critical difference to your bottom line. TOGETHER Simply subtracting or adding more data to your toolbox can cause you to lose sight of your real marketing goals. Expertise and proprietary data from Equifax allows communications marketers to better align marketing strategies to both sales and service, helping to improve campaign performance and grow stronger customer relationships. We'll work together to help you obtain the reliable data you need, gain powerful insights into your customers, and maximize ROI! The Better Question: Do you have the right data? equifax.com/business Copyright © 2017, Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Equifax is a registered trademark of Equifax Inc. Direct-Measured is a trademark of Equifax Inc. 16-9908. Too Little Or Too Much Data? Equifax can help you: Better Segment and Target Consumers and Markets Equifax has the capability to provide segmented audiences, both online and offline, based on estimated financial capacity (total income, spending capacity, likely use of credit) and other characteristics (demographics, attitudes, behaviors) to drive tailored omnichannel marketing campaigns across mobile, TV, email, direct mail, and online media such as Facebook. You gain better insight on how to conduct campaigns that get the results you want. CONTACT US TODAY For more information contact our Sales Leaders: Promote the Right Offer to the Right Customer With a proprietary segmentation suite from Equifax, you can identify high-potential customers and fine- tune offers based on likely purchase potential and preferences. Focus your retail channels, call center and online resources where they'll make a real difference to your bottom line. Improve the Customer Experience During the Acquisition Process Equifax now offers several options for predictive scores leveraging traditional credit and alternative data sources that provide breadth, depth, and predictive power that is unlike anything else available. The result? Reduced call times, more informed decisions, decreased need for manual reviews and additional processing of new applications, and happier customers. YOU: Responding to new market demographics and constantly-evolving methods of service delivery. Identifying high- value prospects. Expanding sales to existing customers. Delivering a superior customer experience. The demands are endless but your time is not. Where can you get the reliable data and insights you need to best support your sales and marketing programs while helping to maximize ROI? Solutions for Communications Industry Marketers Cathy Guttenstein-Benigno cathy.benigno@equifax.com Dan Spector dan.spector@equifax.com Mike Gandolfo michael.gandolfo@equifax.com

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