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Equifax Ignite ™ Direct More Data. Better Insights. Faster Implementation. Mass Amounts of Disparate Data Businesses today have more access to more data than ever before. While the opportunity is potentially limitless, often organizations are challenged with burdensome processes and siloed technologies in turning this disparate data into actionable insights that help drive better business decisions. Businesses need easier ways to access and integrate the data they need, apply linking and governance, determine what's meaningful and useful, and then push it into production. A secure environment is essential for building and testing new models using real data in order to facilitate speed from production to implementation. Deeper Analytics Stimulate Faster Actionable Insights Equifax Ignite TM Direct combines data, technology and analytics in a research and development environment. Also, with cloud-based, scalable computing capacity, Equifax Ignite TM Direct can manage mass amounts of data, faster. This provides users with the simplified, real-world and historical data they desire to develop, test and explore models, and obtain the essential knowledge needed to effectively run their business – to better hone decision strategies and enable actionable business decisions. Powered by our premier data and advanced analytics platform, Equifax Ignite TM Direct is a robust environment that fuels definition, development and validation of analytics and models. Unifying data and technology in an easy-to-use, cloud-based sandbox environment, more predictive models can be developed, tested and explored to help continuously optimize business decisions. From marketing to risk origination to account management, Equifax Ignite TM Direct is beneficial across the entire lifecycle, eliminating the need for internal IT resources – helping reduce the time from insight to implementation from six months to 30 days. Don't let overwhelming data and inefficient technology compromise your business strategies. Optimize your decisioning capabilities with Equifax Ignite TM Direct. KEY BENEFITS Simplified Access to Data Easily and rapidly access the latest data from multiple sources, including your data, Equifax data and third-party data. All the data is connected through linking and keying for easier grouping and analyzing. Faster Modeling and Insights Analyze and find actionable insights faster through a centralized analytics and modeling environment that is hosted for direct use by clients. Reduced Time to Revenue No necessary handoffs to IT mean more flexibility in developing and testing models, and faster time to implementation and integration into production. Multi-Layer Security and Data Governance Get multi-layer security and data governance with role-based access, and auto-generated documentation for compliance.

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