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Copyright © 2017, Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Equifax and EFX are registered trademarks of Equifax Inc. IXI is a trademark of Equifax Inc. All other registered marks, service marks, and trademarks listed are the property of their respective owners. 17-4015 CONTACT US 800.210.4323 Info.DDM@equifax.com www.equifax.com/DDM Turn to Equifax to Help Create an Extraordinary Customer Experience As a trusted information leader, Equifax has the experience to leverage complex data, analytics, markets and technology systems and channels. Each day, we manage hundreds of millions of data files on consumers, employees and worldwide businesses. We will use our expertise to help you align your marketing strategies to your sales, service and customer lifecycles for improved campaign performance and marketing ROI. Ultimately, we'll help you more clearly visualize the immediate and future needs of your customers, so you can continually strengthen those relationships by matching them with the most timely and relevant offers, products and services over time. Acquire New Customers Cross-sell Services, Manage Churn, Retain Best Customers Enhance Prescreen Targeting and Manage Customer Portfolios Analyze Markets and Assess Retail Outlet Performance Link Customer Records Engage Customers Across Digital Channels and via Live Interactions Speed Marketing Analytics n Complete view of consumer economics: estimated income, spending, credit n Attitudes, behaviors, channel preferences, demographics, and lifestyle data for consumer segments n Small business data n Measures of verified income and employment, and payment alerts to assist with customer portfolio reviews and evaluation of credit-worthiness and risk n Communications-specific triggers and in-market propensity scores to better target consumers that are a good fit for communications offers n Market- and territory-level view of household economics and product preferences, within target markets n Integrate disparate customer data via keying, cleansing, standardization, and aggregation n Relationships to enable omni-channel campaigns n Onboard offline customer records for online marketing n Communications-specific digital targeting segments n Out-of-the-box and customizable client decision platforms n Targeting and scoring tools to rank consumers by likely spending capacity for new subscriptions, bundles, and premium services, as well as for customer treatment/loyalty program plans n Segmentation systems to develop the right offer and message for each audience n Self-serve apps and custom LTV/churn/predictive models n Segment and score consumers for offers n Transform business strategies using consumer behavior patterns as key inputs n Prescreen lists for direct mail n Flexible, custom portfolio monitoring that evaluates both past and present credit behaviors n Self-serve apps and custom models n Market analysis tools to measure share, grow penetration, optimize retail planning, and inform advertising spend n Single, 360° view of customer, ready for omni-channel marketing n Programs and partners to deliver the right offer via the preferred channel – email, display, mobile, addressable TV, social, point-of-sale, call center n Serve differentiated online ads to desired audiences n Client empowered tools for real-time, online ability to manipulate data, utilize closed-loop attribution, and track results Company Challenge Equifax Advantage Equifax Solution From traditional scoring tools, to online platforms that offer real-time insights, to digital targeting options that enable omni-channel execution, we help our clients grow ARPU and better connect with their customers.

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