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Ability to Pay Digital Allocate your Online Marketing Dollars Toward More Customers That Can Pay Household economics can have a powerful effect on spending levels and behaviors. As a result, brands can find value in differentiating consumers by their likely financial and economic capacity. Offering a deeper view than a traditional income measure, our Ability to Pay (ATP) Digital targeting segments enable marketers to target audiences based on estimated financial capacity, allowing for more efficient campaign targeting and improved revenue generation. Ability to Pay Digital: Differentiating Online Consumers by Estimated Financial Capacity ATP Digital provides insight into consumers' potential financial capacity. It provides a ZIP+4-level estimate of a household's ability to pay. Delivered as a tier score from 1 to 4 for every household, with a score of 1 indicating the greatest estimated ability to pay, its differentiating ranges are designed for optimal use by online marketers. ATP Digital incorporates proprietary measures of consumer spending capacity, total income (based on income from wages and assets), and household demographics. Compared to measures that focus only on estimated income, ATP Digital provides a more complex and accurate picture of consumer economic capacity. And, unlike solutions derived solely from consumer credit report information, ATP Digital does not simply rely on historical tendency to pay on time, but accounts for current financial resources. The result is a more comprehensive means of estimating consumers' capacity to pay or capacity to purchase. Ability to Pay Digital Targeting Segment Tiers KEY BENEFITS Differentiate online consumers by estimated financial capacity Eliminate wasted ad spend by serving more ads to consumers that are likely to have the capacity to pay Built using factors derived from our proprietary IXI TM Network wealth data ABILITY TO PAY DIGITAL TIERS Tier Range 1 Highest Ability to Pay: Top 20% 2 Hight Ability to Pay 3 Moderate Ability to Pay 4 Lowest Ability to Pay: Bottom 20%

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