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Income360 Digital A More Complete Income Measure for Online Marketers There are three problems with traditional income data available for online targeting. First, the data is likely derived from self-reported survey data or averaged over a large set of households, leading to a reduction in the effectiveness of the data for targeting. Second, the data provides no ability to distinguish consumers earning in excess of $125,000, making it impossible to effectively target users with higher levels of income. Third, assigning income to a given user may involve an exchange of personally identifiable information. Unlike other digital income measures, Income360 ® Digital enables online marketers to target prospects and customers with a powerful estimate of total household income including high income users, while maintaining user privacy. Accuracy: Unlike other available income measures, only Income360 Digital is built on our proprietary foundation of directly measured economic data that allows us to estimate income generated from investments. Including both income from wages and income generated from investments provides a more robust estimate than other income measures. Granularity: We offer unmatched granularity in our income estimates, including 11 income tiers, while providing more targeting power for both high and low income tiers. These groups are small enough to allow for precise targeting while being large enough to be useful in a tactical execution. Income360 Digital offers significant differentiation at the upper income levels, with three segments covering the population with greater than $125,000 in total annual income. Privacy: Built at an aggregated ZIP+4 level, Income360 Digital neither incorporates or reveals any personally identifiable information, further optimizing it for online applications. KEY BENEFITS Differentiate online consumers by estimated total income, including income from assets Eliminate wasted ad spend by serving more ads to consumers that are likely to have the capacity to buy Built using factors derived from our proprietary IXI TM Network wealth data

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