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Discretionary Spending Digital Insight Into Consumer Spending for Online Targeting Income data is often used by marketers to identify the spending capacity for a given household. But income is an imperfect proxy; it neglects a consumer's fixed expenses. Rather than focus solely on income measures, marketers can improve their precision by targeting consumers based on their likely discretionary spending. Consumers make choices about how they'll spend their time and money on a daily basis. You need precise and actionable data to: ■ Utilize your online marketing dollars most effectively by targeting those prospects that can afford your products ■ Identify and market to prospects that match the spending profiles of your best current customers ■ Capture this spending to grow your business efficiently The Value of Targeting With Discretionary Spending Digital Discretionary Spending Digital is a ZIP+4 estimate of a household's spending after accounting for the fixed expenses of life (housing, utilities, public transportation, personal insurance and pensions). Our discretionary spending estimates are virtually uncapped per household at the ZIP+4 level and organized in nine differentiating ranges for optimal use by online marketers. Differentiation: Within income bands, consumers have differing levels of fixed expenses. Our unique measure of discretionary spending allows marketers to differentiate and target consumers based on a more complete view of likely household economics than what is offered by income estimates alone. Accuracy: Only Discretionary Spending Digital is built on directly measured proprietary economic data that map—at a ZIP+4 level—to online households. Granularity: By offering a range of tiers, we offer granularity in our spending data, providing increased targeting power for both low- and high- capacity spenders. Discretionary Spending Digital's spending tiers are small enough to allow for precise targeting while being large enough to be useful in a tactical execution. KEY BENEFITS Differentiate online consumers by estimated discretionary spending Eliminate wasted ad spend by serving to consumers that are likely to spend on your products Built using factors derived from our proprietary IXI TM Network wealth data

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