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Marketing Solutions for Restaurants The Challenge: Find More Guests Like Your Best Attracting high value guests and developing effective marketing programs to help drive business and maintain loyalty are ongoing challenges for restaurant marketers. Restaurant brands need to be able find more guests like their best and efficiently market to them based on their dining interests and estimated ability to spend on discretionary indulgences. While many restaurant databases contain data on specific transaction amounts, timing and items ordered, they are not able to link that data to household insights detailing consumer preferences, behaviors, and demographics. More importantly, restaurants are unable to connect transactional data to guests' financial ability to spend more on dining. While surveys may help fill this gap, they typically only represent a small segment of guests and a short period of time. This can make it difficult to effectively identify and market to high value guests. New Tools to Help Enhance Loyalty Databases and Better Understand Your Guests Through a new process, restaurants can now work with Equifax to help transform their transaction data into an actionable marketing data set based on anonymous household insights that includes estimated consumer financial information as well as demographic and geographic detail. Working with Equifax, restaurant marketers can better: ■ ■ Understand the profile of guests and conduct detailed analysis to help enhance both online and direct marketing and communications ■ ■ Market to more desirable consumers who are likely to have the discretionary funds to spend more and have an affinity for your restaurant brands ■ ■ Direct the right message to the right household via direct mail, email, digital ad targeting, mobile, addressable TV, and other channels ■ ■ Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns ■ ■ Assess how current customer groups differ by location and analyze the likely profile of consumers in a geographic market for new location openings ■ ■ Augment differentiated marketing strategies to help meet the needs of each market, attract new guests, and build loyalty KEY BENEFITS Go beyond loyalty databases and surveys by linking transaction data with consumer marketing information to help develop guest profiles for marketing efforts Reach more high potential guests that are likely to have the affinity for dining out at your restaurant brands and the discretionary funds to spend more Execute omni-channel marketing efforts, including direct mail, email, online, mobile, and addressable TV, using insight on estimated consumer financial attributes and dining habits Enhance communications and advertising strategies for loyalty programs, new restaurant openings, and special offers CONSUMER FINANCIAL INFORMATION Likely income, discretionary spending, and credit usage DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Age, marital status, children, etc. GEOGRAPHIC DETAIL Market level information to help evaluate single or regional locations Transform Your Transaction Database with Household Insights

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