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Digital Targeting Segments Automotive Reach the Right Audience With Your Online Ad Campaigns As an online marketer, you know the importance of reaching the right audience with your ad campaigns. In fact, your success rests on it. As you design your campaigns you are always seeking consumers with specific auto propensities and buying tendencies, as well as the capacity to purchase a certain type of vehicle. Digital targeting segments from Equifax help auto marketers including OEMs, agencies, service providers, and lenders market more efficiently to consumers with the specific auto behaviors, preferences, or characteristics in their target audience. We help auto marketers reach consumers likely to purchase specific vehicle types, such as luxury, foreign, family, and eco-friendly automobiles, as well as have the likely financial and economic capacity to purchase a vehicle or be interested in an auto loan. Digital Targeting Segments for Automotive Marketers Auto Propensity Digital Targeting Segments from Equifax help auto marketers improve their online marketing efficiency by reaching consumers based on specific likely auto tendencies and characteristics, as well as likely financial capacity measures. Our Auto Type Digital Targeting Segments are driven by our Economic Cohorts ® consumer segmentation system, which differentiates consumers by our industry-leading measures of household economics first. By combining insights into estimated household income, spending and credit with demographics, buying behaviors and product preferences, these segments offer a powerful tool for delivering the right message to the right audience. Our Financial and Economic Capacity Digital Targeting Segments are built using data from multiple sources including factors derived from our proprietary directly measured economic data that is mapped — at a ZIP+4 level — to over 60 million online households. KEY BENEFITS Target auto buyers online more effectively by using estimated automotive propensities and financial capacity measures Eliminate wasted ad spend by ensuring more ads are served to consumers that are likely to have the automotive propensities you seek and the capacity to buy Built on a foundation of anonymous, aggregated data managed by Equifax

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