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CONTACT US cdm_inquiries@equifax.com equifax.com/cudm For more information on NCTUE membership: 972-518-0019 nctue.com Copyright © 2017, Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Equifax is a registered trademark of Equifax Inc. 17-127775 Integrated Data View Driving Better Decision-Making with Deeper Insights Visual Insights to Help Enhance Account Management, Operations and Strategic Planning Integrated Data View TM is a data centralization and visual reporting tool that enables NCTUE ® members to gain a deeper understanding of their current subscriber profile, tenure and churn behavior at the lowest level of geography. The flexible environment operates like a sandbox and can provide additional insights when incorporating up to 15 Equifax Data Dimension attributes, including credit, economic, property and more. Better Understand the Key Characteristics of Your Current and Churned Subscribers at the Lowest Level of Geography (zip level or MSA) Current Subscribers: Gauge and benchmark your current subscriber profile (i.e., credit, economic capacity, demographic) compared to the rest of the population within your geo-footprint Churned Subscribers: Evaluate the profile of churned subscribers by comparing their characteristics to the population within the geo-footprint Solution Features: ■ Comprehensive suite of anonymous linked time-series NCTUE data ■ Configurable metrics provide insights into: – Existing subscribers vs. non-subscribers – Tenure (less than 2 years; 2-5 years; 5+ years) – Churn behavior (voluntary vs. involuntary) ■ Easily accessible web portal with exportable reports to Excel or flat file formats ■ Graphic-based insights are actionable and easy to understand ■ Periodic updates delivered based on desired frequency—quarterly, semi-annually, annually ■ Option to upload up to 15 Equifax data dimensions attributes from credit and marketing sources ■ Maintains a snapshot of the historical trends and the changes in each use case Available only to NCTUE members. KEY BENEFITS Understand key attributes to predict and track customers Profile, measure and track consumer segments at the market, region and footprint levels Access a centralized data-centric environment to improve strategic and tactical planning

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