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Acquisition Leadership Strategies for Communications & Digital Media

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4 DATA AND ANALY TICS LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES THAT SET THE PACE IN THE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION RACE 2 Data and analytics represent an increasingly useful and familiar toolset for communications and digital media organizations. Implementing marketing strategies based on unique insights from consumer economics, data that's integrated for a single customer view, and improved front-end segmentation run on cutting-edge analytics technology can help set marketers up for success in customer acquisition campaigns. With more competitors than ever joining the customer acquisition race, direct- measured data and robust analytics are no longer an option – they're key to outracing the field. According to McKinsey & Company's 2015 CMO Survey, companies that extensively use customer analytics outperform their competitors: Leading brands win the acquisition race by using advanced data and insights to: ¾ Apply new segmentation, targeting and qualification methods to identify high-value customers in existing or emerging market segments. ¾ Gain a longer-term, robust view of customer lifetime value, life stage, next best product, and other key value or risk indicators. ¾ Properly engage each customer and design the right journey on the right sales channel. ¾ Help minimize back-end risk by avoiding customers with problematic credit. ¾ Reduce customer churn by identifying customers who are more likely to stay loyal and to engage consistently. By teaming up with an experienced insights provider, communications companies can better link their own information assets and leverage exclusive external data. This extra edge will help you take the lead in acquiring high-value consumers using the right messages and relevant offers in their preferred channels. Here's how to get started. 115% 112% 82% 93% on profits sales sales growth return on investment

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