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Three Key components of a Consumer-first Experience

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Confidential and Proprietary 4 Component #2 Digital consumer experience starts with IDENTITY. Synthesize risk management approach with consumer touchpoints. DIGITAL ASSET PROVIDERS unique representation of a subject engaged in a digital interaction Risk Management Great Experiences Eligibility Check Compliance & ID Check Authentication Transaction Payment "Help me check if applicant meets certain financial eligibility " "Help me decide if I should do business with this customer" "Help me ensure the presented payment method is legitimate" "Help me ensure only legitimate customers can access" "Help me understand if a transaction makes sense (within norms)" Engagement Omni-Channel Tailored & Personalized Secure & Frictionless Customer Management "Help me find ideal customers" "Help me stay up-to-date with my customers' information" "Help me integrate the customer experience across all channels" "Help me offer the right product/service " "Help me balance security with convenience" DIGITAL IDENTITY Properly verifying and authenticating consumers is critical and can sometimes clash with the desire to minimize negative impacts to the consumer experience. Identification tools that work behind the scenes can help decrease risk without causing friction and support a more personalized digital experience.

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