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Quantifying the Opportunity for Brokerage and Creating Client Treatment Groups

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case study Quantifying the Opportunity and Creating Client Treatment Groups Best Practices for Brokerage Firms Challenge: Quantify Total Opportunity and Help Financial Advisors Prioritize Clients A leading brokerage firm wanted to better understand the total financial opportunity held by its clients. The firm had thousands of clients, yet it did not have a way to gauge its overall opportunity and share of wallet. With over 2,500 financial advisors (FAs), the firm also wanted to help its FAs prioritize their time and spend the most energy on high opportunity clients. The firm needed a way to enable FAs to evaluate their book of business and identify those clients that had the most opportunity to bring additional assets to the firm. Solution: Household-Level Total Assets Estimates Enable Brokerage Firm to Determine Opportunity and Identify High Potential Clients The brokerage firm utilized WealthComplete ® to gain a better understanding of the firm's client-base. WealthComplete provides anonymous estimates of total assets at the household level (including assets that may be held at the firm or at other companies). It also provides estimates of the total assets held in a variety of product categories, such as stocks and mutual funds. By using WealthComplete's total assets estimates, the firm was able to: ■ Gauge the total opportunity and its share of wallet for its entire customer base ■ Provide actionable information to each FA about their book of business to clearly identify those clients with the most growth potential WealthComplete total assets estimates are based on our proprietary, anonymous, direct-measured ™ financial assets database of approximately $10 trillion collected from over 95 of the nation's leading financial institutions. We project this database to represent the total liquid financial assets held by all U.S. households – about $24 trillion. Because the firm was a member of the IXI ™ Network, we were able to easily work with the firm to conduct the analysis by using the firm's total assets and total number of households, as well as an anonymous list of the firm's customers (a list comprised of ZIP+4 and age). IXI Network Member Financial Services Firm CHALLENGE Brokerage firms and their financial advisors (FAs) need to be able to understand the hidden asset potential within their client- base. However, they often only have a view of what their clients hold with them, resulting in decreased efficiency and missed opportunities. SOLUTION Brokerage firms can utilize WealthComplete to quantify growth opportunity and help FAs prioritize their efforts. RESULTS By comparing WealthComplete's total assets estimates for a firm's clients against those clients' assets under management at the firm, a brokerage firm FA, Branch Manager, or senior executive can: ■ Quantify how much untapped potential exists within their current client base ■ Enable financial advisors to segment their books of business and pinpoint those clients with incremental asset opportunity

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