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- 3 - Advertisers need to find consumers with the willingness and financial means to convert. Reaching the right audience efficiently Buying ads online and reaching lots of consumers is relatively easy. But advertising isn't about reaching everyone — it's about reaching an appropriate, qualified audience and getting those consumers to take action and convert. For a retail bank advertiser the goal is to deliver ads that grab consumers' attention and drive them to open an account as well, but those consumers have to meet certain criteria. The same goes for luxury auto advertisers — while aspirational marketing builds brand recognition, it's crucial that a bulk of the ad messages reach qualified consumers who can afford the car. Where a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company may be content driving a small one-time purchase, the retail bank and auto advertiser need consumers who can commit significant sums of money to a purchase, investment or deposit. Therefore, advertisers have to target consumers who have the willingness and the means to act on these conversion goals. TARGETING

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