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Addressable TV Advertising Target Specific Audiences with Your TV Ads Television ads cost big bucks. That's why advertisers and their agencies should take advantage of new, more targeted TV ads to better reach their optimal audiences. With addressable TV, marketers can go beyond the traditional reach and frequency of TV ad buys to better connect with their target audiences. Audiences can be defined by virtually any segmented attribute including company transaction and loyalty data, income, attitudes, behaviors, and likely financial and economic profiles, or any other characteristic a company uses to define its audiences for direct mail and other digital campaigns. Now You Are on Your Way to More Measurable Omni-Channel Marketing Equifax helps advertisers implement addressable TV campaigns by joining forces with the top three addressable TV providers (including Cablevision ® and DISH ® Media Sales). What's more, Equifax assists marketers in measuring the impact of their addressable TV ads in terms of company- specific metrics and KPIs through our closed-loop attribution solution. The result – better understanding of the effectiveness of your ad spend. With addressable TV, six audiences might see six different commercials during the same 30-second spot. Whether your target customer is an affluent, retired couple that is a member of your loyalty program or a middle-class family that may not have heard of your brand before, you can reach them with a relevant message during the shows they enjoy. KEY BENEFIT More securely and accurately reach addressable television (TV) audiences at scale by leveraging Equifax relationships with the top three addressable TV providers (including Cablevision ® and DISH ® Media Sales) for targeted ads on TV and closed-loop campaign measurement # 1 AD # 2 AD # 3 AD # 4 AD # 5 AD # 6 AD

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