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Surpassing Online CPA Goals with Financial and Economic Based Audience Targeting

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case study Surpassing Online Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Goals with Financial and Economic- Based Audience Targeting Challenge: Improve CPA and Audience Targeting for Online Ad Campaigns A leading financial firm was running an online display advertising campaign promoting a subscription-based tool that helps consumers manage their finances. The core criterion for determining which consumers would receive the ad for the tool was age, so ads were targeted to those consumers in a particular age group. At first glance, the campaign was doing well – new customers were subscribing for the tool and the CPA of $50 was matching the front-end performance of previous online campaigns. However, the firm thought there may be room to improve the campaign's performance. The firm's goals were to: ■ Lower the campaign's CPA ■ Improve targeting and have more control over which consumers were being served the ad ■ Make sure the ad creative and message were as relevant as possible for the target audience Solution: Utilize Financial and Economic Measures to Target Qualified Online Prospects and Lookalikes of Previous Subscribers The firm first used AudienceInsights™ to define a target audience that was likely to become new customers and then used our audience targeting to reach those users online. By advertising to the right audience and using an appropriate message, the firm anticipated less wasted spend on unlikely prospects, as well as increased relevance toward qualified prospects. CHALLENGE Gauging the success of current online campaigns by comparing them to the performance of past campaigns is not enough. Most campaigns have significant room to improve, whether measured via CPA, impressions, conversions, or other metrics. SOLUTION A firm that helps consumers manage their finances decreased the CPA of its online ad campaign by using our digital financial and economic measures to better target qualified prospects. RESULTS By using our digital solutions to identify and target qualified prospects for its online ad campaign, the firm was able to: ■ Narrow the target audience by over 53% ■ Decrease the CPA by 62% compared to a previous campaign with the same goal

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