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Increased Predictiveness of SMB Risk through Configured Data

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The Commercial Financial Network Get Greater Configurability for Increased Predictiveness of SMB Risk January 11, 2018 Introduction Access to working capital is crucial to small business success. But in the last four years, 29% of small businesses report having their lines of credit reduced. Nearly 10% were required to pay off the credit before the end of the loan term. To help reduce risk, make smarter lending decisions and optimize performance, commercial banks and lenders need access to small business credit and payment data, but accessing this data is really just the beginning. For true lending success, this data must also translate into customizable, actionable insights that increase predictiveness and provide a better understanding of business credit risk. In addition, lenders need to be able to configure scores, rules and models to help meet unique business requirements, situations and strategies. Increased Data and Configurable Insights Lenders can help solve these challenges with the Commercial Financial Network (CFN), an ever-expanding network of data powered by the revolutionary technology and analytics of Equifax Ignite TM . The CFN offers lenders access to multiple and configurable data sources — that extend beyond traditional financial information with trended attributes, and NeuroDecision TM Technology (NDT) to help tailor models specifically to their needs. With these deeper insights, driven by a configurable approach, lenders gain the broader view of small business credit risk needed to fuel portfolio growth. A Configured Approach to Smarter Lending A configured approach allows lenders to quickly and effectively address specific small business needs by choosing the precise pieces needed to reach an educated decision. Simply put, creating a unique combination of data, scores, analytical approaches and strategies will help lenders make smarter decisions and maximize performance across their commercial portfolio.

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