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Upward Mobility Income Range Digital Targeting Segments

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Upward Mobility Income Range Digital Reach Consumers by Their Likely Future Income Marketers are constantly trying to grow their future customer base. While a consumer might not be ready for specific product and service offers today, he or she may very well become a profitable, long-term customer in the future. Income certainly has a lot to do with consumers' ability to purchase many goods and services. This is especially true for Millennials; their income may be average today, but their estimated future earning potential could be much higher. Upward Mobility Income Range digital targeting segments can help online marketers find and reach consumers that have the potential to have higher incomes in the next three years. Upward Mobility Income Range in Three Years $50,000-$99,999 $100,000-$149,000 $150,000-$249,999 $250,000 and Greater Leverage Foundation of Data and Advanced Analytics The unique foundation of Upward Mobility Income Range Segments provides marketers with access to enhanced targeting power. ■ Income from assets plus investments: Robust estimates of future household income based on proprietary and foundational direct measured economic data. ■ Built on trended data: Modeled after deep historical financial data over a long period of time, these segments provide enhanced prediction of the income trajectory when compared to sampled survey data. ■ Privacy: Built at an aggregated ZIP+4 level, our digital targeting segments neither incorporate or reveal any personally identifiable information, further optimizing them for online applications. KEY BENEFITS Focus online ad spend on consumers with the potential to be your most valuable customers of the future Differentiate online consumers by likely estimated future total income, including income from assets Built using factors derived from our proprietary wealth data

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