Evaluate health of securitized debt for sub-prime portfolio

In this use case, we explore how auto lenders can turn to Equifax to examine their securitized subprime lending portfolio in order to maintain relationships with investors. 


An auto lender needs to provide an investor with data about its securitized lending portfolio. The investor requests quarterly updates on the health of the portfolio.


Equifax analyzes the auto lender’s portfolio using select credit attributes.

Using the insights that the credit attributes provide, the auto lender can provide the investor with data on delinquency rates, high-risk accounts, and accounts prioritized for collections.


By evaluating the auto lender’s securitized lending portfolio with credit data:

  • The auto lender can satisfy the investor’s request about its outstanding loans and better ensure the continuation of the investment.
  • The investor can better evaluate the health of the loan portfolio and gain insight into expected delinquencies, collections, and needed debt reserves

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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