Brokerage Marketing and Customer Acquisition Checklist

In today’s world, brokerage sales and marketing teams are expected to think more strategically about how to grow customer relationships, capture more assets, and generate new revenue streams.

By working with Equifax, brokerage teams can access a complete view of the customer wallet to help develop actionable marketing strategies and better engage with high-potential clients.

If your firm is already leveraging asset-based marketing solutions from Equifax, then it is even easier to extend our solutions for deposit gathering, lending services, and digital marketing.

Uncover hidden investment opportunity​

Which of your clients have assets outside your institution? Which have significant balances in investment products that differ from what you know? Rely on our direct-measured™ asset data gathered from almost100 leading financial firms to help identify and market to clients likely to have the most potential to transfer investments to your firm. Learn more about WealthComplete®.

Gather deposits from existing clients

Even though consumers often seek simplicity in managing their finances, many keep their deposit and investment accounts at different firms. Use our measured asset data to identify current clients that likely hold significant deposit accounts — such as interest checking, CDs, and money markets — at other firms and incent these customers to transfer deposit balances to you. Check out this Best Practice and ask us about WealthComplete DepositMix.

Enhance book management with a more complete view of likely household assets

By offering financial advisors tools to assess share of wallet and share of product balances, we can help your financial advisor team identify which clients have the most growth potential... as well as those that might be better served by a call center. Ask us about Share of Wallet estimates and online applications.

Determine the Next Best product or service for current clients

Leverage our consumer asset insights to help promote the right product based on clients’ estimated investment propensities and product preferences. Help grow your share of household wallet across investment, deposit, retirement, and lending products. Ask us about ‘Next Best’ using WealthComplete, Financial Cohorts®, and CreditStyles® Pro.

Find candidates for specific investments - such as ETFs and IRAs

With our trove of anonymous financial records on U.S. investor product ownership, we can help boost models and better identify households that are likely to be interested in specific types of investments, from ETFs, to IRA Rollovers, to Tax-Free Money Market Funds, and more. Then, you can better deliver attractive offers and deepen client relationships. Check out Investyles®.

Cross-sell lending services

Mortgages, HELOC’s, auto loans, credit cards, student loans and more – if you are currently marketing these products, then let us help you determine which of your clients are likely to have or need these services, so you can better tailor your communications and promote additional products. Learn more about CreditStyles Pro, Ability to Pay Index™, and Income360®.

Boost prospecting and lead allocation​

Seeking to power your acquisition campaigns? Then incorporate data to score and rank prospects by defined thresholds, such as likely total investments, total deposits, or balances in specific investment or deposit products. Then, allocate leads based on opportunity, plus ensure premium treatment for those with the most growth potential. Ask us about WealthComplete for prospecting.

Extend your campaigns to digital channels

Go beyond direct mail and phone and take advantage of channels your clients use today! We can help you onboard your client records and leverage our digital ecosystem to reach your clients through the marketing channels they view, interact with, and experience throughout their day, including online, mobile, social (including Facebook®), addressable TV, and targeted radio. Check out this Case Study and learn more about Digital Onboarding.

Make sure your digital ads are being viewed by the right consumers

Did you know our consumer asset insights extend online? With our digital targeting segments, you can not only advertise to consumers likely to have high assets (such as over $1 million in assets), you can also target audiences who are likely to have high deposits (over $250,000 in deposits), specific investment habits (active traders, advice-oriented) or be interested in certain products (IRA, ETF, mutual funds). Check out our Digital Targeting Segments.

Grow market share for investments, deposits, and outstanding credit

Where are the hot markets? Using insights provided by our unique data on invested assets, outstanding credit, account types, and product types across the U.S., brokerage teams can identify high-potential geographies, gauge demand for specific products, and compare territory performance by market opportunity and vs. peers. Learn more about MarketVision™ for Securities, MarketMix™, and CreditMix™.​

Contact us today to learn how Equifax can help you extend your marketing and capture new revenue streams from existing customers and high-potential prospects!

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