Firms want to reduce CPA of online ad campaigns and target qualified audiences

In this case study, Equifax helped a firm improve digital campaign performance by surpassing online cost per acquisition (CPA) goals with financial and economic-based audience targeting.


Decrease campaign CPA and target prospects that are likely to be qualified
A leading financial firm was running an online display advertising campaign promoting a subscription-based tool that helps consumers manage their finances.
The firm wanted to improve campaign performance by:

  • Reducing the campaign’s CPA below $50, the average performance of previous online campaigns
  • Improving targeting and gaining more control over which consumers were being served the ad


Digital financial and economic measures enabled the firm to identify and target prospects that were more likely to be qualified.

AudienceInsights™ was used to define the target audience based on attributes of past subscribers:

  • The ideal target audience had estimated total income of $77K to $187K and were concentrated in 16 Economic Cohorts®clusters

Audience Targeting was used to serve ads to only those consumers that were likely to have similar attributes as past subscribers


Equifax Data-driven Marketing helped this firm narrow the target audience by over 53% and achieves 62% decrease in CPA.

By using AudienceInsights and Audience Targeting solutions to identify and target qualified prospects for its online ad campaign, the firm was able to:

  • NARROW the target audience by over 53% and significantly reduce spend on advertising to visitors that were unlikely to be qualified prospects 
  • DECREASE the CPA by 62%compared to a previous campaign with the same goal

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.
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