Use financial-driven digital targeting to power TV advertising

In this use case, a station operator turned to Equifax to help it offer advertisers digital targeting segments for traditional, OTT, and connected television advertising campaigns. By leveraging financial insights within their targeting segments, the operator can find 'good fit' audiences to increase ROI. 


A large television station operator’s advertising clientele desires more effective ROI from their commercials.

The operator seeks to provide highly differentiated targeting segments to power advertising campaigns on its traditional, OTT (over the top), and CTV (connected television) platforms.


Equifax provides estimated wealth- and income-based digital targeting segments
to the operator which can be promoted to advertisers to help them deliver highly targeted flights. Segments incorporate likely consumer financial capacity, behaviors, needs, and preferences to power precise audience targeting.

Digital targeting segments can help advertisers to better reach audiences that are likely to be a good fit for their brand, products, or services.


By using financial-driven digital targeting segments, the television station operator can enable advertisers to:

  • Target audiences more precisely, helping to ensure more efficient media spend
  • Leverage custom segments based on comprehensive measurement of consumers’ likely financial wallet, such as households with teenagers who are in the market for college-savings 529 plans
Results may vary based on actual data and situation.
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