Manage risk within current customer account portfolio

In this use case, Equifax assesses, predicts and manages risk within current customer account portfolios.

Situation: Company turns to Equifax to help it assess, predict and manage risk within its current credit portfolio.


A company wants to optimize the  performance of its current portfolio by limiting the risk associated with current customers.

It wants to regularly screen customers for negative account events and changes in employment to help proactively stop problems before they occur.


Equifax provides monthly updated credit attributes including verified employment and income data for the firm’s customers. 

The Premium Customer Portfolio Review (CPR) solution allows the company to:

  • Measure past and present credit performance and behaviors such as late payment trends, bankruptcy or recent collection filings

  • Get an early warning alert indicating a change in customers’ employment status or rate of pay


By working with Equifax to apply Premium CPR, the company is able to:

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

  • Improve overall credit portfolio performance

  • Understand the future trajectory of accounts 

  • Build a more consistent view of customers for stronger decisioning

  • Contain collections costs

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