Reduce friction and improve outcomes during acquisition sales calls

This use case explains how Equifax can reduce friction and help improve phone-based customer acquisition.

Situation: Company turns to Equifax for a solution to improve phone-based customer acquisition processes for new packages and services.


A communications company is struggling with ineffective phone acquisition processes, leading to tense conversations, dissatisfied reps, and lower than desired sales.     

The company needs a solution that allows them to better interact with potential customers during sales calls.


Equifax provides company with a nearly real-time, individual prequalification solution. 

The prequalification service can help the company to empower its reps to offer consumers the option to check their credit eligibility during a sales call, without initiating a full credit application or affecting the consumer’s credit score.


By using the Equifax prequalification service, the company can:

  • Reduce friction during sales calls 

  • Improve customer experience by providing consumers with a nearly instant way to check their credit eligibility via phone

  • Move the prequalification process to the beginning of the call, leading to higher sales

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.


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