Compliance-friendly 3rd-party wealth solution provides enhanced precision

In this use case, a firm turned to Equifax for a solution to enhance segmentation for deposit growth efforts without using protected class variables. Early test results by a leading financial institution show that the new WealthComplete® Premier offers enhanced precision over legacy WealthComplete in predicting total assets across nearly all asset tiers. 


A financial institution had been using household-level wealth estimates that performed well, but included protected class variables and demographics in its customer segmentation models. The firm wants to identify deposit growth opportunities amongst its client-base as well as prospect audiences, but transition away from using 3rd-party solutions that include protected-class data.


Equifax provides WealthComplete Premier household-level total deposit and total asset estimates to fuel the firm’s segmentation models and better assess deposit growth opportunities. This compliance-friendly solution excludes the use of protected-class variables or demographics which satisfies the firm’s internal compliance requirements. The firm used consumer-contributed total net worth estimates as the basis for validation of WealthComplete Premier's estimates.


This test of WealthComplete Premier showed:

  • It was more predictive in providing accurate total asset estimates across nearly all asset tiers when compared to legacy WealthComplete and other 3rd-party solutions

WealthComplete Premier is available to IXI Network members only. Find out more about the IXI Network here.

Results may vary based on actual data and situation. 


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