Insurance firm enhances targeting criteria with wealth-based metrics

Life insurance campaigns that focus heavily on response rates often fail to achieve profitable results


An insurance firm that traditionally relied on response-rate driven segmentation to promote annuities was not attracting profitable customers

Previous campaigns: 

  • Relied on targeting criteria such as demographics, income, and net-worth estimates 

  • Had acceptable response rates, yet failed to achieve desired financial metrics 

  • Did not generate significant annuity initial premium


Focus on profit-driven segmentation by enhancing targeting criteria with wealth-based metrics

Annuities require liquid wealth; thus, the firm altered its targeting criteria to incorporate household asset estimates and financial capacity and behavior variables 

The firm could now more efficiently allocate responders to the appropriate channel partner: 

  • High-asset households are assigned to experienced financial planners

  • Mid-asset households are assigned to call centers for follow up

RESULTS: Asset-based targeting enables firm to achieve 34% lift in annuity initial premium

Using ASSET-BASED VARIABLES to define the target audience enabled the firm to improve campaign performance: 

Mailing to 30% of prospects yielded about 51% of total initial premium 

Profit-driven segmentation provides a 34% lift in annuity initial premium over response rate-driven segmentation


Results may vary based on actual data and situation.



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