Enable retailers to allow consumers to determine eligibility for credit online

December 4, 2020

This use case explains how retailers can allow consumers to determine their eligibility for credit online.

Situation: Company turns to Equifax for an online solution to help retailers offer consumers
insight into their eligibility for credit.


The holding company assists many retailers with offering installment loans to consumers.     

The company needs a solution that would allow its partner retailers to offer consumers information about their credit eligibility and incent consumers to apply for loans.


Equifax provides the company with an online, individual prequalification service. 

The prequalification service can help the company to offer its partner retailers the ability to let consumers check their credit eligibility online and discover possible sources for loans, without initiating a full credit application or affecting their credit score.


By using the Equifax online prequalification service, the company can:

  • Offer its partner retailers an additional service to engage with consumers

  • Enable consumers to discover their credit eligibility and lending options before they initiate a full credit application

Results may vary based on actual data and situation.

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