Millennials that are Likely to Spend Big on Discretionary Items

June 8, 2018 Data-driven Marketing


Millennials’ estimated median spending on discretionary items is $34,034, but some Millennials spend far more than that. If your brand is seeking to reach Millennials that spend significant sums on discretionary items… and that have the income to support it… then take a look at the likely profile of the below Millennial digital targeting segments that consumer marketers can reach via their online, mobile, addressable TV, and other digital campaigns.

Plus, explore other segments to connect with Millennials that are likely to have the potential interest in and financial capacity to spend on auto, credit card, hospitality, insurance and other financial products and services.

Did You Know: Millennials that are Likely to Spend Big on Discretionary Items

Source: Digital Targeting Segments, DS$TM, Income360®, June 2017.
Discretionary spending represents what a household likely spends on discretionary items after accounting for the fixed expenses of life (e.g., rent, utilities, public transportation, personal insurance etc.).

Reaching High Spending Millennials Online
Where can you find Millennials likely to have high discretionary spending? To reach Millennials in the above three segments – or that are part of dozens of other consumer segments – in select geographies online, check out our Digital Targeting Segments.

Top Counties for High Spending Millennials

  • New York County (Manhattan), NY
  • Kings County (Brooklyn), NY
  • Cook County, IL
  • Los Angeles County, CA

Source: Digital Targeting Segments June 2017.

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