The Cookie Crumbles - The Need for People-based Measurement

February 26, 2018

"The largest study of its kind globally which shows how crucial accurate people-based measurement and attribution really are! In this growing multi-device world, it is now more important than ever to move on from cookie-based tracking methods which risk undervaluing almost 40% of touchpoints."

A people-based approach to measurement combined with advanced marketing attribution models provide marketers with an accurate view of cross-device performance and audiences. A robust model enrichs customer journey data with more digital touch points and reveals the true value of mobile advertising channels. 

In addition, this research looks to understand the impact of moving from a traditional cookie-only-based measurement methodology to a people-based measurement methodology using custom attribution. The research in this study was carried out by Datalicious using Facebook's Atlas data for 3 of Australia's most recognized brands.

The figures presented in this study are based on >1 billion media touch points across >80
million purchase paths and >1 million conversions
across the three brands. The study seeks to
understand the true opportunity for marketers to drive efficiencies and grow their businesses
based on customer’s behavior across digital channels and devices.

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