Portfolio Allocation by Generation

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As Americans age and (hopefully) amass increased levels of wealth over time, their investment strategies evolve.

Since understanding where a household stands on the age spectrum is valuable information for wealth managers when helping their clients develop investment strategies, we wanted to take a closer look at portfolio allocation preferences of U.S. households by generation:

Portfolio Allocation by Generation

Source: WealthComplete®

Spotlight on Affluent Millennials

For Millennials who have $1 million or more in investable assets, how are their portfolios allocated? Below we’ve taken a look at their allocation percentages and how they differ from the generation as a whole:

  • Deposits: 20.5% ( 10.5%)
  • Mutual Funds: 32.1% ( 0.5%)
  • Stocks: 33.5% ( 8.6%)
  • Bonds: 7.2% ( 2.8%)
  • Other: 6.7% ( 0.5%)


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