Understand Your Web Visitors Better…

Lyra Hankins

Know Your Website Audience with AudienceIntel

Do you ever wonder how you can learn more about the people who visit your website and click on your digital ads and campaigns? You may be seeing the click-through data in your current web analytics tools, but how much does that tell you about the types of people interacting with you?

AudienceIntel™, from IXI Services, a division of Equifax, is a tool that helps deliver real-time consumer economic and financial insights for your entire digital landscape – website, digital ads, email campaigns, and mobile presence. And it can help give you a better sense of your actual web visitors.

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AudienceIntel intelligence helps enable marketers to better evaluate the audience actually viewing and responding to their ads or other online campaign components (landing pages, email, etc.). By displaying audiences in terms of their estimated economic and financial characteristics, AudienceIntel allows marketers to better evaluate digital activity in real time and make quicker adjustments that help optimize marketing budgets and help ensure the right message is reaching the right audience.

Easy to Implement
Available via a monthly subscription, AudienceIntel can help you take advantage of IXI’s direct-measured household-level marketing data. It is easy to implement, and marketers can get up and running with real-time views of their campaigns or website quickly. A free 30-day trial is available, or you can test drive sample data in our Product Tour.

If you could see the estimated financial capacity of your visitors and respondents, you might be better able to tailor your marketing messages and ad locations to help you attract more customers!

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