Where are the Assets?

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The average U.S. household holds an estimated $267,000 in investable assets, but there are some states that have household-level assets well above the mean. Which states have the wealthiest households? Which states have seen the largest percent growth in investable assets in the past three years? Let’s take a look. Then, contact us to better assess asset growth for households in your target markets.

Did You Know: States with High and Growing Household Assets

Source: MarketMix™

State-Level Outstanding Credit
The average outstanding credit balance for U.S. households is $106,509. Which states have households with the highest average? Which states have the lowest?

States with the highest outstanding credit balance per household

  • California $164,455
  • Washington D.C. $162,858
  • Hawaii $160,895

States with the lowest outstanding credit balance per household

  • West Virginia $64,782
  • Mississippi $68,523
  • Arkansas $69,532

Source: CreditStyles® Pro

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